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All staging furniture and decor are for sale! TURNKEY MOVE-IN READY INTERIORS!

Imagine purchasing a move-in ready, fully-furnished designer home where everything was expertly selected, delivered, assembled and installed for you. Just unpack your suitcase and voila! Welcome home!

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Make your house look like a model home

Love what you see in a staged home or spotted something online that caught your eye? Simply email or text 704-782-4464 photos of the areas or items you would like to purchase and we’ll respond with a quote within 24 hours.

Making your house look like a model home is easy when you shop at My TNT Home. We offer a wide selection of stylish and high-quality furniture, decor, and accessories to transform any room in your home. Whether you're looking to update a single room or give your entire home a fresh new look, we have everything you need to make your dream home a reality.


Why purchase from TNT?

Buying a home staged by TNT or want to replicate a similar look at any other home? We got you covered:

  • designer-curated selections
  • assembly
  • delivery
  • installation
  • packaging recycling

What if all of the above was already taken care of for you?

Hey Gorgeous!
Let’s make your home as beautiful as you are!

Spotted something online that caught your eye? We can help with that too **Love shopping online? Shop at our online store**

furniture store charlotte nc

My TNT Home, Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the best furniture stores that offers a variety of furniture and turn-key design solutions with a designer-curated look. My TNT Home online furniture store has the best selection of stylish furniture for sale, from modern to transitional styles, making it easy for you to find the perfect pieces to fit your design aesthetic. Whether you're looking for a complete room makeover or just a few statement pieces, our furniture store in Charlotte has everything you need to create a designer-inspired look in your home. To simplify the process and make sure you're getting the best pieces for your space, our expert designers pre-selected the best furniture and decor items for you.

Modern furniture in Charlotte, North Carolina can be found at My TNT Home, one of the best stores in the city. We offer a wide variety of contemporary furniture options that will fit any style or budget. Whether you're looking for a sleek and minimalist sofa or a statement-making dining table, My TNT Home has it all. If you're in the Charlotte area and in need of modern furniture, be sure to check out My TNT Home.

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IKEA Charlotte alternative

There are several advantages to using My TNT Home furniture store or ordering online from My TNT Home, as opposed to shopping at stores similar to IKEA Charlotte. One advantage is that My TNT Home offers a wide selection of high-quality furniture, including custom pieces that are not available at IKEA Charlotte and such. Additionally, My TNT Home offers a more personalized shopping experience, with knowledgeable interior designers who already hand-picked and pre-selected the best furniture and decor pieces for you. Their expert advice is in every item listed on our website. Shopping online with My TNT Home also offers the convenience of browsing and purchasing from the comfort of one's own home, with the added benefit of having the furniture delivered right to the customer's door. Overall, My TNT Home provides a more tailored and luxurious experience than larger stores such as IKEA Charlotte and others.

Love restoration hardware charlotte NC?

We love it too! However when you have champagne taste but a beer budget, finding affordable furniture that has the same aesthetic as Restoration Hardware can be a challenge. Good news! There are ways to achieve a parallel look without breaking the bank. One option is to shop at local furniture stores such as My TNT Home. We have beautiful styles and designs that are more budget-friendly to help you achieve a similar high-end look such as Restoration Hardware Charlotte. Another option is to search for consignment shops or online marketplaces like Overstock or Wayfair for pieces made from like materials, such as reclaimed wood or metal, and give them a comparable finish through paint or distress techniques. Another way is to purchase basic furniture pieces and add your own custom hardware or embellishments to give it a similar look as Restoration Hardware in Charlotte. This way you can have great taste, but still stay on budget. Restoration Hardware is definitely a benchmark in luxurious furniture design however we believe that you can achieve a similar beautiful and stylish look and spend less when you shop at Visit our website to browse our collection and elevate your home's style today.


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