What We Do


Home staging is an investment in preparing a private residence for sale. Staging helps to camouflage any house imperfections, visually improve floor plans and make any space more appealing to potential buyers. TNT has an outstanding track record of helping sellers sell their homes faster and for top dollar. Investment in home staging is always less than a price drop.


We understand first hand how important it is to have sharp, high-quality real-estate photography pictures available as quickly as possible and that’s what we do. TNT Real Estate Services has 10+ years of experience taking amazing professional pictures that help your listing stand out from the competition.

TNT Real Estate Services Photography


TNT cleaning has a team of reliable, professional, trustworthy and affordable cleaners, that have been part of our team for years and have a flawless track record. We offer routine cleaning, deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, short-term rental cleaning, vacation rental cleaning (AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO etc.)

TNT Real Estate Services Cleaning

Our Process

  • Meet and Agree
  • Detailed quote
  • Consultation
  • Staging Install

The first thing that we do is come and meet you and see your home (your listing). That way we’ll get to know each other better and will be able to find out all the necessary details about your property or your listing. We’ll take additional notes and, with your permission, will take photos of your home (your listing) as well. There are a couple of ways we could work together (consultation or staging proposal – detailed quote)

We’ll prepare our staging proposal for you, and we’ll send it to you via email and then will call you to discuss all the details and answer any questions you have. Once we agree on the pricing, date of staging install and other terms, we will send you the staging agreement and get your staging scheduled

Another way we can work together is Consultation. After you have given us a tour of our of your home (listing), we’ll go through your house room by room to formulate our plan for each room and create a written consultation report

There are two types of staging install: for vacant properties and for owner-occupied properties. In the first scenario, the house will be empty and we will provide and install all the furniture and accessories. In the second scenario, we’ll show you what items should be packed and what should stay in order to be used in staging.
Once the staging is done, your realtor will be ready to get your home on the market and get it sold for top dollar

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