How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

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How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

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If you are a homeowner on the verge of selling your home, please do this. Do a search for similar homes to your own, which are on sale around your area, and compare them to your home. What will you find? In all likelihood, you will see homes that look like they were lifted right off the pages of a home design magazine. Now ask yourself what chance your home has against these homes, especially if they are the same size as yours and going for around the same price.

Of course, there is a possibility that your home may be in a better condition than many of these nice looking homes. However, none of the people looking to buy a house will realize this simply by looking at the pictures of your home, says T.E. Johnson & Sons, a professional property management company. They have to visit your home to realize just how well taken care of it is. The question is how are you going to get these potential buyers to visit your home if you don’t first wow them online with images of your property?

Now you see the simple logic behind the concept of home staging. Home staging is a real estate marketing strategy that recognizes the role of emotions in people’s buying decisions. Instead of trying to tell prospective buyers why they should buy your home, home staging shows them the home. It configures the home in a way that coincides with buyers’ dreams and leads the buyer to fall in love with the property. This increases the possibility that the buyer will buy the home.

Homeowners who hire a staging professional give their home an edge in the market. Their marketing approach eliminates most of a buyer’s objections even before the buyer has had a chance to visit the home. By using an accredited staging professional, like TNT Staging Team, homeowners multiply the possibility that their home will sell in record time and for more money than they anticipated.

So, who is an accredited staging professional and how can they help you sell your house?

The Accredited Staging Professional designation

Accredited staging professionals have been trained and certified according to the best practices and codes of ethics of Home Staging© – the recognized leader of the home staging industry. Accredited staging professionals combine the principles of marketing, human psychology, photography, and interior design to create an effective strategy for selling homes quickly and profitable. They are the elite corps of the staging profession.

How a staging professional can fast-track the sale of your home

When you hire a staging professional to help you sell your home, these are the benefits you reserve for yourself.

1. Professional stagers create mass appeal

When you stage your home yourself, your preferences will limit your choices to designs that make the home attractive to only people who are like you. But professional stagers are objective and will inject trends that are dominant in the market and incorporate approaches that appeal to a mass audience. This makes the home more attractive to a larger pool of potential buyers.

2. They understand how homes are sold today

Professional stagers know how to sell a home using the tools of digital marketing. They recognize the power of photography and the internet when trying to sell a home today. This is why they employ techniques, such as color, lighting, symmetry, and placement to create images of the home that evoke positive emotions in buyers.

3. They sell dreams 

When most sellers market their home themselves, they promote its features. But a professional stager promotes the home’s benefits. Rather than selling a house, they sell dreams. That is because they recognise that people’s desire to buy a home is an indirect way of trying to fulfil their deepest aspirations and finding happiness.

4. They highlight your home’s potentials

Professional stagers know how to use color, lighting, furniture, décor, and similar techniques, to draw attention from the worst aspects of a home and fasten it on its best features. They will show prospective buyers how to arrange their furniture or the best ways to utilize an awkward part of the home.

5. Home stagers have strong networks

Using a professional stager will give you access to a network of professionals who will make it easier to connect to the eventual buyer of your home. Using their connections to networks of real estate professionals, staging professionals vastly increase the reach of your marketing message.

6. Staging helps you outshine the competition

When buyers are trying to choose between two similarly priced homes, the staged home will always have the edge. Furthermore, staging your home makes the physical walkthrough easier because buyers arrive with a positive impression of the property.

The sum effect of all these is that a staged home sells faster and for more money. Where a staged home takes days to sell, an un-staged one takes weeks. The carrying cost and anxiety of having a property on the market for weeks are more than enough reason to have an accredited staging professional stage your home before listing it.