Drone Photography Real Estate Services - TNT Staging

Drone Photography Real Estate Services - TNT Staging

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Drone Photography Real Estate Services - TNT Staging

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Real Estate Drone Photography Service in Charlotte, NC

High-quality drone photography real estate services in Charlotte, NC — brought to you by TNT Staging, a premier home staging company. 

Professional drone real estate photography is essential for effectively marketing a property for sale. Over the past few years, visual staging and drone pictures for real estate have gained popularity among property agents. Our team adheres to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and has a certified drone real estate photographer.

TNT specializes in creating stunning aerial real estate photos and video designed specifically for marketing. We use advanced equipment and software to get that magazine look, plus we manually edit each real estate aerial video and photo.

The TNT team is dedicated to showcasing your property in crisp detail, without the distracting composition and misleading wide-angle distortions. You can expect professional aerial property photography and high-quality property videos when working with us.

At TNT Staging, we know what it takes to capture an outstanding aerial view of houses in one day. We work on helping you present your property in the best way by providing unmatched aerial real estate photography services. This includes preparation, a one-day shoot with drones, and post-production processes.

Benefits of Drone Photography in Real Estate 

Drone photography for real estate can provide a unique bird's eye view of your property that isn't accessible through ground-level photo shoots. 

Drone photography in real estate has many benefits:

1. Stunning Imagery and Unique Perspective

Aerial photography real estate services that we provide include high-resolution videos and aerial photos. We promise to deliver to you property content that is eye-catching and polished like those you see in high-profile magazines. It will help your listing stand out, attracting lots of potential buyers.

2. Comprehensive View 

Aerial photos of property will give a potential buyer a clear view of your property's size and layout. Drone flying footage can show different dimensions of a house, making it easier for future owners to visualize your property alongside its surroundings.

3. Video Marketing 

Cinematic aerial real estate shots will impress more people and increase its visual appeal. Video real estate marketing is a powerful tool that can boost traffic to your listing and sell it faster.

How It Works 

We check the weather forecast to identify options for optimal filming conditions. Then we arrange the best day and time for a shoot with our business client. TNT drone pilots bring drones and other equipment to the site. Our production usually lasts one day. It’s more than enough to capture the footage we need.

After that, we edit, retouch, and do color correction of the aerial photos and videos to create a picture-perfect image of your property. 

Why Choose Us

Here are the reasons why you should choose our real estate aerial photography:

1. Great Return on Investment

An aerial view of property is a great investment as it increases the likelihood of your property being sold faster or booked quicker. According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), homes and properties with drone images are up to 68% more likely to sell than those without them. We do aerial pictures of the property in one day.

2. Outstanding Track Record

We've been valued partners with various contractors, real estate agents, and homeowners for many years. They consider TNT Staging as their go-to inventory design and styling partner, as we were able to keep our standards high and meet all of their needs. Our business approach to aerial drone real estate photography will make your listings stand out from the competition. 

3. One-Stop Shop

Whether it's rental home staging or drone aerial photography real estate, our team includes all the professionals who will plan, design, stage, and aerial photograph your property. We are a one-stop shop that offers everything that you might need to market houses or commercial buildings the right way. 

4. Professional Team  

Whether it's rental home staging or drone aerial photography real estate, our team includes all the professionals who will plan, design, stage, and aerial photograph your property. We are a one-stop shop that offers everything that you might need to market houses or commercial buildings the right way. 

5. Guarantees

The TNT Staging team adheres to the Staging Industry's Code of Ethics. We’ve showcased outstanding reliability and punctuation, time and time again.. Our record of project completion is 100%, all of which were delivered in the time promised. We guarantee that our aerial photography for real estate agents will match the top industry standards. 

We provide:

  • professional setup
  • single-day shoot
  • high-end filming equipment 
  • professional grade camera stabilized by us
  • post-shoot editing
  • private access to your property content via the internet

Our TNT aerial photography for real estate will help you look at your property with fresh eyes and make a noteworthy impression to those in your market segment.


The real estate aerial photography pricing will depend on several factors like property layout, shooting time, number of houses, and post-production editing. After you fill in the form and our manager reaches out to you, we will arrange for a property assessment. Then, we will be able to determine the terms and final pricing that will be approved by signing a project brief.

Client Testimonials

We have over 100 five-star reviews on Google. So don’t just take it from us, read what our clients have to say about our work: 

TNT staging is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to decorating our homes prior to selling. We definitely see the benefit of having the homes staged! I love their design and curtains. It pays for itself when we have our homes staged! Thank you, TNT! Oh, and by the way, did I mention their photography? It’s on the highest level!

— Val Kovalenko

Have used TNT services for the past 4 houses that I've listed and I would never use anyone else! They are very professional, timely, and responsive! My houses always sell within the first weekend they are listed, and I truly believe that would not be the case without TNT Staging and Photography! My last house that just closed sold the first weekend it was listed and for way over ask! I cannot recommend their services enough! I would never list a house without using TNT!

— Morgan Drury

Always the best service and staging that makes my clients and me look great to sell fast for top dollar! Thanks, TNT!!

— Eric Layne

TNT Staging was able to deliver the project on time, increasing contract signing and pricing offers to new homes. The team was highly receptive and agile, and internal stakeholders were impressed with the vendor's quality of deliverables.

— Rory Cummins

TNT Staging has a great eye and beautiful pieces to help make houses look and feel spacious, beautiful and inviting! We highly recommend using them for staging your listings!

— Amy Newcomb

TNT is amazing. We have worked together on a few projects and they do incredible work every time. Thank you, TNT!

— Max Thomusseit

The best of the best!!! You won't go wrong, every time the staging was done right with the best color design and made the house 10 times nicer than without staging!!!!!! The best staging company in all of Charlotte!!!!!

— Stefan Dokic


Is real estate drone photography worth it?

Aerial real estate images of a property enables a real estate agent to sell it 68% faster. It helps buyers better understand what the property looks like. Drone photography is worth it if you want your house and its features to attract new clients.

How do you photograph real estate with a drone?

First, we focus on analyzing the listing landscape and adjust drone settings to capture the best shots possible. Then, our professional drone pilot highlights your house's important features. We try to bring diversity to the video by filming from different angles and directions. We usually shoot low-altitude photographs in RAW and edit the content later.

How much does it cost to do drone video for real estate?

Wondering how much for aerial photos or video of your house? The cost of drone real estate photography can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and location of the property, the complexity of the shoot, and the experience and equipment of the photographer.

Typically, professional drone photographers charge a daily rate for their services. It can range anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

What is an aerial in real estate?

Aerial real estate services refers to taking pictures and aerial videos of a property from above with the help of drones and a camera. You can think of a drone as a remote-controlled helicopter. It's usually done for marketing purposes.

Why is aerial photography important in real estate?   

Aerial view of the property provides a unique, birdseye perspective that attracts more buyers. Aerial photographs capture the property's best features and help people orient themselves within the property and visualize themselves in the new space.